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The Battle of the Gate Part 01

Day 2

After Nox, Rutana, and Garr have rested they heard a call to arms that the gate was broken and reinforcements were needed. The better side of the three accepted this call, and went forward to aid the Knight Lardarin in defending the gate.

Varis finds himself with a large army besides his. Goblins, the fodder of the Dominion, every where fighting Elves and mankind. Varis was disgusted by the sight but driven to curiosity of why his brethren would be by the side of mankind. Varis moved forward but stayed behind his platoon of Goblins, for his trust is now misplaced even in the Dominion.

Varis came across an Elven Guardian commanded by an Elven Summoner, the Guardian ignored Varis but promptly targeted the Goblins. Varis took this opportunity to deceive the Elf Summoner and attempt to sneak behind enemy lines. Varis was extremely successful in his deception, and found himself face to face with Lardarin and an estranged party behind him.

Varis had the opportunity to take down Lardarin, but before doing so he asked questions. Specifically regarding Elves and Humans working side by side. In a certain light Varis was caught off-guard by the fact it was a mutual pact between the two to end the threat of the Dominion. A force that didn’t just threaten humans, but all living beings.

Confronted with a difficult decision, Varis was contacted by Incandou and given an offer of power to defeat Lardarin. The power of a demon.

Varis was not keen on the idea, this offer ‘too good to be true’, and turned his attention to aiding his elf brethren and sisters in stopping the Dominion foe rather than fighting his own kind. At which point the rest of the party joined Varis.

The party began the challenge of pushing out the Dominion at the gate and aiding their allies in need….


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