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The Battle of the Gate Part 02

Day 2

The party of Nox, Varis, Garr, and Rutana faced countless foes but eventually pushed them back to the gate, only to confront a platoon of Goblins and Garfrax.

The allies the party had saved joined in the fight, but only one remained in the back. Lardarin only looked on as he watched the battle unfold.

The long battle of pure endurance and tact took place. First the Goblins were taken down, followed by forcing Garfrax back by bringing the gate down oh his head.

Rutana, as crafty as she can be, decided to tempt fate and take control of a Goblin Mecha and use it in the fight against Garfrax.

The party of Nox, Varis, and Garr took to the gate walls and noticed Rutana heading forth to battle in an uncanny manner, in the seat of the mecha.

Nox, Varis, and Garr took a back seat and spectated the encounter until they decided to jump into the fight.

Nox took great pleasure in sexually touching Garfrax with Icy Touch the entire encounter. Varis slipped off the gate and was impaled by an appendage of Garfrax and Garr went into a rage to help Varis and attack from the rear.

The fight was challenging, and the party prevailed. Rutana earned the respect of the party and kept the mecha as her prize. Varis was given the strong bow and sword found in the remains of Garfrax. The party obtained a purple gem amulet, much like theirs. Nox obtained a magical pair of daggers that seem to have some use outside of battle.

After such a fight, Lardarin applauded them on their efforts and told them to meet him at the encampment.


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