old_White Lotus

Heading Towards Miercos
Town of Miracles

What will befall the adventurers as they leave the encampment and head for Miercos, the port city of Miracles.

Day 02 at the Encampment

What will happen next …

Character Progression - Day 01 at the Encampment

Heading back from the terrible battle at the gate, the party experienced personal ascendance into a new role of power, their sub-class.

Once at the encampment each character took to themselves.

Varis confronted Lardarin and picked up some side work.

Nox slept.

Garr waiting in the forestry preparing himself.

Rutana learned of an engineer that could attempt to help her better understand the mecha suit. In doing so she was able to discover that it can transform into an easy to carry form.

The Battle of the Gate Part 02
Day 2

The party of Nox, Varis, Garr, and Rutana faced countless foes but eventually pushed them back to the gate, only to confront a platoon of Goblins and Garfrax.

The allies the party had saved joined in the fight, but only one remained in the back. Lardarin only looked on as he watched the battle unfold.

The long battle of pure endurance and tact took place. First the Goblins were taken down, followed by forcing Garfrax back by bringing the gate down oh his head.

Rutana, as crafty as she can be, decided to tempt fate and take control of a Goblin Mecha and use it in the fight against Garfrax.

The party of Nox, Varis, and Garr took to the gate walls and noticed Rutana heading forth to battle in an uncanny manner, in the seat of the mecha.

Nox, Varis, and Garr took a back seat and spectated the encounter until they decided to jump into the fight.

Nox took great pleasure in sexually touching Garfrax with Icy Touch the entire encounter. Varis slipped off the gate and was impaled by an appendage of Garfrax and Garr went into a rage to help Varis and attack from the rear.

The fight was challenging, and the party prevailed. Rutana earned the respect of the party and kept the mecha as her prize. Varis was given the strong bow and sword found in the remains of Garfrax. The party obtained a purple gem amulet, much like theirs. Nox obtained a magical pair of daggers that seem to have some use outside of battle.

After such a fight, Lardarin applauded them on their efforts and told them to meet him at the encampment.

The Battle of the Gate Part 01
Day 2

After Nox, Rutana, and Garr have rested they heard a call to arms that the gate was broken and reinforcements were needed. The better side of the three accepted this call, and went forward to aid the Knight Lardarin in defending the gate.

Varis finds himself with a large army besides his. Goblins, the fodder of the Dominion, every where fighting Elves and mankind. Varis was disgusted by the sight but driven to curiosity of why his brethren would be by the side of mankind. Varis moved forward but stayed behind his platoon of Goblins, for his trust is now misplaced even in the Dominion.

Varis came across an Elven Guardian commanded by an Elven Summoner, the Guardian ignored Varis but promptly targeted the Goblins. Varis took this opportunity to deceive the Elf Summoner and attempt to sneak behind enemy lines. Varis was extremely successful in his deception, and found himself face to face with Lardarin and an estranged party behind him.

Varis had the opportunity to take down Lardarin, but before doing so he asked questions. Specifically regarding Elves and Humans working side by side. In a certain light Varis was caught off-guard by the fact it was a mutual pact between the two to end the threat of the Dominion. A force that didn’t just threaten humans, but all living beings.

Confronted with a difficult decision, Varis was contacted by Incandou and given an offer of power to defeat Lardarin. The power of a demon.

Varis was not keen on the idea, this offer ‘too good to be true’, and turned his attention to aiding his elf brethren and sisters in stopping the Dominion foe rather than fighting his own kind. At which point the rest of the party joined Varis.

The party began the challenge of pushing out the Dominion at the gate and aiding their allies in need….

The trials behind the Dominion Line
Day 1

The first steps of our parties journey took place on Dominion land, and each party member were on their own personal task.

Nox, the Tiefling Warlock, had been contracted to find, release, and bring home, a high-value male elf named Ji’an. Ji’an was captured during the efforts in protecting the village and evacuating the people left in the area.

Nox encountered Ji’an’s body guards spirit and bore witness to the destruction brought by the Dominion before his eyes. In saving Ji’an, he began to utilize powers he’s never used before and began to tackle life changing, and challenging, issues.

Garr, the half-Orc warrior raised by the Bear Spirit, had journeyed to a small village near the creeping line of the Dominion. The people there we kind and welcoming despite his race and lack of social ability. Garr was there to help, and the people were not going to condone another for wanting to do as much.

The village is home to a cave that is strong with the spirits, and Garr came to ease their pain. The Dominions corruption and power is slowly killing the planet and her spirits. Over the course of a couple days Garr was with the spirits in a meditative state. He felt the pain and anguish and acted as a source of support to alleviate this pain.

Despite his efforts he was unable to stop the spirits from moving into the spirit realm, and the town above had fallen to the Dominion. The spirits left Garr with a blue amulet and he had faced the dark spirit shade that is the main cause of the spirits fading away. Upon leaving the cave, Garr saw before him absolute destruction and a plea for help that drove him into a frenzy.

Rutana, the Elf Druid, was exploring the lands to try to find a cure, an aid, or something able to help the planet itself push out the corruption rot that the Dominion brings with it. Upon her journey, she encounters death and anguish. Dying living entities and even corrupted souls that walk the planet unable to pass on.

Rutana discovers that an amulets, red in color, protected a mother from the corruption but not from death itself. Upon taking the amulet the body broke down into a dust, joining the corruption around the her. Rutana communed with the planet spirit and found that the amulets are the key to curing and stopping the corruption, but only once all of the amulets are brought together can it happen. Rutana left the area, heading in the direction of the sounds of fire and battles.

Varis, the Elf Rogue, works for the Dominion and was in charge of taking the village. He was commended by Incandou, the Fire Lord General, and given an amulet with white gem as reward. Varis was however disrespected and commanded to go to the front lines and to be commanded by the General Garfrax.

Varis knew well what this meant. Any Dominion warrior sent under Garfrax command was a death sentence, a meaning of removal, and a way to show that you are no longer useful.

After the confrontation with Incandou, Varis acted respectful. Once Incandous’ image vanished Varis was attacked by the Goblins at his side, however kept on task and headed for the Gate to receive orders from Garfrax.

Nox had encountered the large key master first, he was in plain site guarding Ji’an. Attempting to sneak thru the area to help, Nox had failed and angered the Ogre. Garr, bearing witness to the events, decided to help Nox tackle this foe.

Mid combat Rutana had appeared from the rear and joined in the fight. The party of three successfully managed to defeat the Ogre. Nox had eaten of of the Ogre gentiles by sheer mistake, Garr took pleasure in making this happen.

The party exchanged basic pleasantries and headed back to the encampment outside the Dominion.

During the time of their rest, they confronted Ni’ah and Brim and learned that Nox was contracted to save Ji’an. Nox was given an amulet with a green gem. Similar to that of Rutana’s and Garr’s.

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