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Welcome, Welcome to Arminion. You all find yourselves on the Battlefront of the Dominion.

The Dominion is a legion of Demons, Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, foul creatures, and dark humanoids. Over the past century the Dominion has grown in power and reach. It has since consumed Martierium and Sylvai.

Martierium was once the capital lands of the human race, and Sylvai the realm of the elves.

In the on going effort to push back the dark force, most humans and elves have found themselves as refugees. They have garnered forces together to hold a line within the Arminion borders and have since created two capitals. One for each race.

The Humans have built Nar’chi, a coastal capital, named after their late prince who fought to help bring the people to the land and ruled by Esment, the Forgiven King. The elves have built Ju’aun in the mountainous forest region headed by the 7 Council and under the protection of Nalthum, the Dragon of the Forest.

Despite the prominence of Humans and Elves, Arminion is inhabited by Gnomes and Dwarfs. The Gnomes welcomes the two races into their cities, and these cities were adopted a primarily human establishments on the surface. The Gnomes had decided to live in under-cities, as is preferred by their kind.

The Dwarfs were not so welcoming to the Humans and Elves and they cut themselves from the races. They inhabit the mountains to the south-west. There is a small sect of Dwarfs that run mining operations and are welcoming to the two races into their land. They make a home at Derfrost, the fiery mountain.

The war-front of Arminion is failing, there have been reports, more along the lines of rumors, of Dark Human and Elven cultists portraying as refugees and starting chaos within the region. Most cases of these reports have had no evidence due to the interference of a group that is unknown.

Basic World Background

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