Shrouded Forest

This forest exists in the middle of the planes between the norther boarder, now known as the Dominion Edge, and Miercos.

From the outside the forest is dense and covered in a thick-heavy mist. No path ways can be seen and no creatures can be heard. A powerful dark magical presence is felt from within the forest, even from some distance away.

The mist rolls around the outskirts of the dense flora as if it is a sentient life form of its own. Is churns and crashes like waves of a stormy ocean.

Everyone that has visited or lived in the northern region has heard of the rumors stating that an evil witch lives in the forest and keeps every living creature away using such a mist or that many believe in a foul monster lives deep with-in from the times of the Arminion Age.

Both beliefs fear going in or near the forest. Many merchants, traders, and travelers have all taken paths around the forest. Those who venture into the forest have never returned, those who have traveled close to the forest have been driven mad or pulled into the forest itself.

Shrouded Forest

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